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Institute for Essential Psychotherapy

In the mind of awakening lies the power
to work with the mind of others

A Path to Awakening and Healing

We are happy to announce that we will start a new class
Call study counselor Morten Hoffmeyer at 28516146 if you would like to know more

The specialist training

Be trained by very experienced meditation teachers and psychotherapists.

We create it together – We do it together – We pass it on together

We give you a training which will change your live.

You can use it in the work with your clients. And as important – in your own personal path to part with some of the patterns which close our mind and heart.

We give you an international training with very experienced European mediation teachers and psychotherapists.

We will bring you on 6 retreats on the lovely North Jutland  – a unique and peaceful location near the water with ideal facilities for contemplation, moving and peace.

Together we experience the art of being with what is.

Live your life from the heart



Want a deep further training while still working as a therapist

Wish to be trained by and model very experienced meditation teachers and psychotherapists

Wish to be part of a loving community, which focuses on developing an open mind and heart for the benefit of all living beings

Are ready for a powerful training and development, which in many ways will become a life-changing journey of the mind

Want a certificate which illustrates your competences. After completing the training, you will receive a diploma – and thus hold a certificate of your professional skills  


Contact us today

Please complete this form and we will reply within the next 12 hours.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, and we hope to see you in class.


+45 60 15 11 78