Essential Psychotherapy 
A Path to Awakening and Healing


Become familiar with some of the oldest and most timeless approaches to living life with all its nuances. You learn to connect with your true nature and to use this as a source for healing your client and yourself.

The specialist training – Essential Psychotherapy – is process-oriented and originates from a long-term exchange between psychotherapists and Dharma teachers which is deeply rooted in the Buddhist tradition. The training is based on the path of liberation and awakening. An opening for giving meaning to life and living it by being present in life as it is.

As therapist you will become oriented towards connecting with the true nature of your mind – the timeless and open awareness – and using this as a resource in healing processes with yourself and your clients.
We work with a client-centered approach, focusing on the client’s ability to self-healing by opening up to all parts of him or herself and learning to be in a loving relationship with all feelings, thoughts and trauma. We will have a relatively smaller focus on the performance-oriented and solution-oriented approach. Inputs and guiding will, however, strengthen the insight and interaction for the client.

You will become familiar with some of the oldest and most timeless approaches to living life with all its nuances.

Mindfulness and awareness will be trained and consciously developed to become integrated in the therapeutic use.

You will become able to penetrate the deeper layers of the mind and become sharper at identifying the patterns and habitual tendencies, which form our identity and personality structure.

The training will teach you Buddhist mediation techniques and the interaction with psychotherapy. It will enable the development of the inherent qualities, which resides in all of us, which open our hearts and minds.

You can read a detailed description of the training by clicking the following link: 
The training Essential Psychotherapy
(will soon be available in English) 

The structure of the training


The training will be conducted in English (Morten will be able to assist with translations). The training in study groups will be conducted in Danish.

You will be guided through the entire training, and all techniques will be introduced in a simple and intelligible manner. The teachers will make sure to adapt the training and practical exercises for all participants’ levels.

This training is first and foremost intended for psychotherapists with professional experience.

Conditions for participation:

Completed therapeutic training

• Written diploma

• A personal interview with the student counselor

Psychotherapists, psychologists and current psychotherapist students (3rd or 4th year) from a recognized institute can also qualify for admission.

If you have another professional background with a deep knowledge of meditation and working with human beings, it will in some cases be possible to derogate from the previously mentioned conditions.

The training will be conducted from November 2020 to June 2022 divided in 6 training blocks/retreats of 6 days. Participation in each retreat and the training as a whole will be certified. All retreats will take place at Funen (Fyn) (see retreat) in Denmark.

Dates for the training (start 2020)

1st seminar: 12th – 17th of November 2020
2nd seminar: 4th – 9th of March 2021*
3rd seminar: 17th – 22nd of June 2021
4th seminar: 4th – 9th of November 2021
5th seminar: 3rd – 8th of March 2022
6th seminar: 2nd – 7th June 2022

*Due to Covid-19, the 2nd seminar will be moved to 18th 23rd of October 2022 

Dates for the training (start 2022)

1st seminar: 13th – 18th of September 2022
2nd seminar: 17th – 22nd of January 2023
3rd seminar: 11th – 6th of April 2023
4th seminar: 6th – 11th of June 2023
5th seminar: 4th – 10th of September 2023 (Study trip to Titisee/Black Forest)
6th seminar: 12th – 17th of March 2024

During the training you will have the opportunity to participate in voluntary training sessions.

It is however expected that you spend at least 15 minutes a day on personal exercises, such as meditation, imaginations and study of the literature.

The voluntary training sessions will give you the opportunity to meet your co-students in a pleasant environment, and the focus will be centered around discussion and reflections on your meditation and awareness training. Furthermore, we will use the meetings to reflect upon the new psychotherapeutic approach and collaborate to elevate and support each other.

On request, it will be possible to receive a certificate after conclusion of the training with the title “Therapist for Essential Psychotherapy” (Danish: “Essentiel Psykoterapeut”).

Conditions for recognition/receiving certificate:

• Complete participation in all training retreats

• Participation in at least 10 individual lessons in EPT or at least 5 guided group supervisions of 3 hours

• Regular participation in peer group meetings

• Submission of a written project work, which documents your own psycho-therapeutic work with Essential Psychotherapy

• Passing an oral examination

Experience Tilmann and Essential Psychotherapy

Yes, I would like to receive Tilmann’s lecture on Essential Psychotherapy and the recordings from the Zoom training, where Tilmann through guiding helps me experience what working with Essential Psychotherapy is like.  

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